• ✅ FEEL CONFIDENT IN YOUR OWN SKIN: Say goodbye to the fine lines, sleepy puffy face and the dark circles under your eyes in the morning. 
  • ✅ TREAT YOURSELF WITH AN EASY SPA-LIKE TREATMENT: Give your overworked facial muscles a little love. You can benefit from the cooling stone as it eases headaches and the pain of sinus. 
  • ✅ CONVENIENT & MULTIFUNCTIONAL L: You can use your rose quartz face massage roller anytime, anywhere! 
  • ✅ ANCIENT CHINESE TREATMENT: Gua Sha stone is called the Eastern Botox or Facelift for a reason. This spa acupuncture therapy promotes to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, lifts eye lids, release muscle tension, tighten the skin, reduces sagging and puffiness and diminishes blemishes and dark spots.

Size: 15x5.3cm

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